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November 16, 2019
When the facility management team at a Northeastern meat and food production facility needed to replace a 20-year-old heat exchanger that was responsible for heating all of the water in the entire plant, they had two choices: 1. Call the original equipment manufacturer; 2. Call a heat transfer solution specialist. They did both.
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Once upon a very recent time, a northeastern college had to force a trusted and loyal heat exchanger into retirement. It was indeed a difficult decision. Performance was suffering, and keeping it around was costing the college money. It could no longer meet the requirements of the vibrant, young students who demanded hot water for...
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Tom Maiocco, a 44-year veteran of the industry and experienced sales expert for HX Coils, recounts the details of a multi-section, stainless steel, high-capacity steam coil replacement project. Unusual equipment size was just one component that was addressed through this unique, custom solution.
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