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HX Coils, dba Maiocco & Associates, is your #1 source for heat transfer equipment. We will meet you on the job site to personally discuss the most cost-effective, high performance solution for your job. We make every job personal. It is just how we believe in doing business.
We specialize in the new design, replacement and servicing of steam coils, hot water coils, cooling coils, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, tube bundles, and duct heaters for all industrial and HVAC process systems. Our alliance with the best equipment manufacturers coupled with our own technical service and support is why leading engineering firms and facility engineering teams have been using us for over 30 years.

We Are Personal, Professional & Efficient. We Deliver On Time. Always.


We specialize in the design of new and replacement of steam coils, hot water coils, heating coils, chilled water coils, Dx coils, and condenser coils for all industrial and HVAC process systems.

We offer a full line of high performance Marlo Stratomizer dampered face and bypass coils in both horizontal and vertical units, that provide superior freeze protection and positive condensate drainage.

We offer a full line of custom built replacement steam-to-water, water-to-water tube bundles and tank heater bundles for all industrial and HVAC process systems.

HX Coils offers a full line of shell and tube heat exchangers, instantaneous water heaters, and plate frame heat exchangers for industrial and HVAC process systems.

We now carry the Anderson Snow line of industrial-grade heat transfer products that is ideal for the heavy industrial manufacturing and chemical processing facilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

HX Coils offers a line of MicroChannel Air Cooled Condensers and Air Cooled Fluid Coolers for mission critical, computer room air conditioning units.

As your #1 resource for heat transfer equipment solutions, HX Coils offer a wide range of electric duct heaters and accessories to help get the maximum performance out of your process heating or cooling system.

We offer a full line of TAMCO dampers and damper components that are engineered to provide durable and completely maintenance-free performance.

HX Coils offers the most reliable retrofit heat recovery wheel available, the TR Series Thermowheel, as a replacement for existing heat recovery wheel products.

Experts At Work

HX Coils provides expertise from the time you call with the problem until the moment your equipment is installed and running your process.

Experts At Work

HX Coils provides expertise from the time you call with the problem until the moment your equipment is installed and running your process.

Product Spotlight

NEW! Innovative Damper Products — We are now offering a new line of Tamco Damper Products constructed with all aluminum extrusions that contribute to prolonged and rust-free operational life. Slip-proof linkage components keep blades aligned. The hexagon design feature of the linkage and pivot elements allows for flat-on-flat press fits, eliminating play and wear. The self-sealing, self-lubricating, and non-absorbent dual bearing system assembly is the secret to long-term and maintenance performance.
  • Is frequent maintenance an issue?
  • Are your coils freezing up?
  • Need adjustable blade resistance?
  • Air leakage and air infiltration frequent events?
  • Call us! Your dampers may be the cause!

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